Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When is a Mobile Software Solution for PDAs and Handhelds a Bad Idea?

This morning, one of my sales team told me he had said "no" to a company wanting to purchase a mobile software solution for their employees' PDAs and handhelds. A few minutes later as he cleaned out his desk and was escorted to the the door he called out over his shoulder, "They couldn't tell me how it would benefit their company!"
Hummm...Good Point.
If a customer or prospective customer can not articulate the value of a mobile solution to their business, then why bother? Mobile solutions take time and effort to design, develop, deploy and support. Customized mobile applications need to be integrated with database systems and business processes need to be re-engineered to optimize the value of mobilizing. This all takes work. If the customer can not identify the value of this effort or the expected ROI, then their commitment to seeing the project through a successful roll-out is very limited.

I've got a smart sales person, or I did have.

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