Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Electric Bikes and Mobile Handheld PDA Software at MobileDataforce

Check out Dave Wasden's new electric bike! As most of you know Dave Wasden is involved in just about everything that goes on here at MobileDataforce from design mobile software to testing it on mobile handheld PDAs. He is the author of a blog on mobile solutions, he conducts many of our PointSync Mobility Platform training classes in Europe, Australia and in North America and manages our sales channels.
He rode this beautiful new electric bike into the office this morning. He bought the kit and added it to a regular bicycle. It goes up to 35 MPH and has a 9 mile range between charges!
With all the new capabilities available on mobile handheld computers you can have turn-by-turn navigation, Bank of America mobile banking applications, Microsoft Office documents, and mobile versions of popular accounting applications all on your Windows Mobile device in your pocket. Who needs a briefcase anymore?