Friday, June 22, 2007

Mobile Inspection Software and Handheld PDAs in City Government

MobileDataforce has worked with a lot of municipal governments on mobilizing inspections using isnpection software designed for handheld PDAs. Here is a list of the departments in a typical city that conduct regular inspections:
  • City Engineering

  • City Land Use

  • City Forestry

  • City Historic Development

  • City "Right-of-Way"

  • City Traffic Engineers

  • City Building Inspectors

  • City Fire Marshall

  • City Electrical Inspectors

  • City Mechanical Inspectors

  • City Plumbing Inspectors

Many of these departments may have multiple inspections they must perform. In the Fire Marshall department alone they have quite the selection:

  • Fire Alarm

  • Cooking Equipment

  • Wall Rating

  • Wall Penetrations

  • Above Ceiling

  • Exit and Emergency Lights

  • Sprinklers

  • Panic Hardware

  • Standpipe

  • Emergency Extinguishers

  • Many more...

These departments and their associated inspections represent a lot of field data collection activities and internal office data entry. It is easy to see why MobileDataforce provides a lot of mobile inspection software to these agencies and departments.