Thursday, June 28, 2007

Auto & Equipment Auctions and Mobile Handheld PDA Inspection Solutions

MobileDataforce has been working on projects in Europe, North America and in Australia/New Zealand that involve inspecting and appraising automobiles and other equipment for auctions and resale. Think about the environment that these activities take place in - mines, construction sites, storage lots, homes, auto dealerships, etc. These environments require one to collect a great deal of data in the field.

Handheld PDAs and mobile inspection software with wireless synchronization back to an enterprise database application in the office provides a huge amount of value. Let's discuss some of it here:
  1. Standardized inspection forms on handheld computers can ensure inspections are complete, uniform, accurate and readable.
  2. Business rules included in the mobile handheld inspection applications can validate that the information is accurate. For example scanning a VIN number on a vehicle can automatically fill out much of the vehicle information automatically and ensure the inspection data matches the vehicle description.
  3. Real time wireless synchronization means the inspection data can be immediately displayed on a website.
  4. Digital camera integration with your handheld computer can attach photos to your inspection data for immediate display on a website
  5. Wireless dispatch means your inspectors can be sent information on where they need to go for their next inspection
  6. In some cases valuation data can be pre-loaded into the handheld computer and aligned with the data collected from the inspection to provide a near real-time appraisal in the field.