Monday, April 23, 2007

Tools, Parts & Mobile Work Order Solutions on Handheld PDAs

We have had several requests recently to combine mobile work order solutions with inventory and asset tracking applications for use on mobile handheld PDAs. This is not unusual, it just points out the fact that companies are recognizing a great deal of value from mobilizing business processes. Here is an example:

The company wants to track any employees that enter the stockroom where both inventory and tools are kept, and track anything that is removed by them. They would do this by matching the employee's ID cards, with the customer's work order and any inventory or tools that are used on the work order.

This solution would better control the use of tools and inventory, and ensure they are appropriately billed to the customer's work order. This system would provide the following ROI:
  1. Reduce missing inventory
  2. Bill the customer appropriately for inventory usage
  3. Bill the customer appropriately for the use of tools
  4. Track the tools and who has them (asset tracking)
  5. Assign inventory and tools to an employee for accountability
  6. Reduce the labor needed to manage inventory, billing, and assets