Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More on Appforge's Demise

I had the chance to speak to another industry mobility expert yesterday about the recent demise of Appforge, and his opinion was that Appforge competed too closely with Microsoft and lost.

Appforge's original business plan seemed to assume that the business community would adopt the Palm and the Symbian operating systems in significant numbers, but that simply did not happen. Companies that were seeking to mobilize business solutions were using Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating systems. This left Appforge with only the Microsoft developer community as a sizable target market, and this community tended to stick with the Visual Studio and .NET development environment for programming tools.

Appforge found themselves competing head-to-head with Microsoft's VB .NET. At some point the VC funding stopped and Appforge failed to find a buyer. Now that they have shut the doors, rumor has it they are selling off the remaining company assets brick by brick.

MobileDataforce offers an alternative approach to mobile solution development. They develop RAD tools (rapid application development tools) for quickly designing, developing and deploying mobile solutions with minimal programming required. They target enterprises who are mobilizing their business processes on the Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems.