Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ryzex Visit in Bellingham, Washington and a Look at Mobile Handheld PDAs

Last week I had the opportunity of visiting Ryzex in beautiful Bellingham, WA. Ryzex is a very interesting company that sells new, used and refurbished handheld computers and mobile handheld PDAs. Their business model supports the purchase of old and used handheld computers from their clients, and upgrading them with new hardware. They also have a rental program for companies needing short-term data collection devices.

As I walked through their facilities I saw workstations where engineers were repairing devices, disassembling devices and cleaning used devices. I saw a warehouse full of handheld computer parts and add-on components. It was a very interesting tour and I left impressed with the scope of their services and offerings. They sell and service a wide range of handheld computers including Psion Teklogix, Symbol, Intermec and others.
My interest in all of these handheld devices of course is that they require software in order to be of any use. MobileDataforce develops all kinds of applications for mobile handheld computers and it is important for us to understand all the different technologies, plug-ins and add-on components and how we can best support them.