Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mobile Software and Handheld PDA Technology Innovations for 2007

The two following innovations for mobile handheld PDAs and Smartphones are the most innovative I have read about in a long time.

  1. Flexible flat screens

  2. Flash memory in laptops to improve boot-up speed
The flexible flat screen is pictured here. It is about the thickness of paper and can be plugged into a Smartphones, handheld PDA or ruggedized handheld PDA etc. It can be rolled-up and inserted into a tube that fits in your pocket or brief case. It would allow you to read ebooks on 8"x 11" or A4 sized screens, or view CAD drawings or maps stored on your Smart Phone. It would enable your Smart Phone SIM card, that holds gigabytes of maps, to display them on portable, flexible full sized screen. I love it!!!

MobileDataforce has many customers that find it necessary to buy two different mobile handhleds, one a ruggedized handheld computer, and another a ruggedized laptop to view maps. If a flexible screen could be plugged into the ruggedized handheld, so full sized maps and CAD drawings could be viewed, then this would remove much of the need for the additional and expensive ruggedized laptop.

Now on the subject of the flash memory boot-up. Have you ever wished your laptop would boot up instantly like your mobile phone? If so, there might be a solution for you. In the next few months new laptops are supposed to be available that boot-up from flash memory, so they don't have to wait for the hard drive to start spinning in order to boot up the laptop. This should enable laptop users to boot-up in seconds and save us mobile road warriors a lot of time.