Thursday, January 04, 2007

Innovations in Mobile Handheld PDA Technologies

This week I have read about two very interesting new technologies that have the potential of improving a mobile workforces' technology experience.
  1. Laptops and Tablet PCs that can boot up nearly as fast as a mobile smartphones and handheld PDAs.
  2. Flexible screens nearly as thin as a sheet of paper. See attached image.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could push a button at your laptop was instantly on? It is reported that this technology is only a few months away. The laptops would boot from flash memory, not a hard drive. Time is money!

A company out of the UK just raised $100 million in funding to lauch their flexible screen technology. Ponder this...a screen could be rolled up into a small tube that fits in your pocket or brief case. When needed, you could unroll your screen, lay in on the table, or hold it in your hands and plug it into your Smart phone, PDA or rugged handheld and look at full sized CAD drawings, maps, blueprints, or newspapers.

We have many customers in the construction, facilities management and engineering industries that need to look at maps and CAD drawings daily. They love the utility and convenience of a ruggedized handheld computer, but need the larger screen size of a laptop to effectively view maps and drawings. These flat and flexible screens just might be the answer.