Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Google Earth, Job Estimates and Mobile Handheld PDAs

Have you downloaded and played with Google Earth yet? There are versions of desktops and for mobile handheld PDAs and iphones. You can download the client and then see all kinds of very interesting maps, 3D buildings, satellite views, fly overs and more. In addition to all the fun and games, there are real business values you can gain from Google Earth.

Let's say you are a Fencing contractor. You want to provide a quick estimate of a job without spending the time and money to drive to the other side of town. Google Earth enables you to enter a home or business address and get a relatively new satellite view of the address. You can zoom in almost to ground level and see the exact yard, driveway, parking lot etc. Next in Google Earth you can select the ruler tool and measure the length and width of the yard, parking lot, roadway, etc to learn the dimensions. You can then provide a ball park estimate based upon the satellite view and measurements you took from the air. Very Cool!

I entered the address of my in-laws house. Google Earth quickly flew me to the address and I zoomed in to their driveway. I could see their horse trailer and their truck trailer parked in the driveway. I zoomed in further and could take exact measurements of their property lines, roof dimensions, length of driveway, yard size, distants to street, etc. This information could be used by:

  1. Roofing Contractors
  2. Asphalt Contractors
  3. Cable Companies
  4. Phone Companies
  5. Fence Contractors
  6. Landscape Contractors
  7. Lawn Maintenance Contractors

These are just a few of the contractors that could save a great deal of time, fuel and other resources by studying the close-up satellite photos of their prospective jobsites early on in the sales process. These maps and satellite photos can also be printed off and added to the job estimates with drawings.