Tuesday, December 12, 2006

RFID on Mobile Handheld PDAs Not Quite Ready for Vendors

We have implemented several very nice RFID projects this year using mobile handheld computers and various PDAs for tracking assets, but these customers seemed to find us, we did not find them. I have tried several times this year, with various online ad campaigns, to find a market for RFID related software products. However, when I ran my ad campaigns they seemed to generate a large numbers of PPC (pay-per-clicks), but the online visitors were only interested in reading not buying.

I found this article today that seems to support my findings:

Frost & Sullivan recently reported that the total North American RFID market for manufacturing and logistics is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 20 percent over the next six years. Yet, about 75 percent of the technology companies responding to a CompTIA survey earlier this year said there are not enough people trained in the field. Eighty-percent said they believe that a lack of talent will hinder RFID adoption.

Several points to note - 1) when you are starting with nothing, 20% growth is not a lot, 2) Comptia offers training and certification classes - so to say the slow adoption of RFID is because of a lack of training is a bit self serving, 3) If you know of someone interested in RFID software solutions, please send them my way....a bit self serving I admit.