Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ROI for Enterprise Mobile Solutions

It has been quite some time since I wrote about the subject of mobility project ROIs (return on investment). I last addressed this issue in a January article so let me provide an update on it.

Mobility ROIs often come from the following:

  1. Reduce time required to re-type data from a paper form to a computer application
  2. Reduce driving/delivery time to turn in paper forms to the office
  3. Reduce fuel expenses from driving to the office to deliver paper forms
  4. Reduce typing errors when re-keying data
  5. Reduce shipping expenses if you are posting documents to the office
  6. Reduce time on phones trying to understand the author's handwriting on paper forms
  7. Reduce delays caused from waiting for paper forms to be submitted and re-typed
  8. Reduce time wasted on incomplete paper forms (missing information)
  9. Reduce time wasted on phone calls dispatching new work/service orders
  10. Reduce field training time - mobile software can instruct the user on correct methods
  11. Reduce time wasted on correcting wrong or invalid data (wrong customer numbers, etc)
  12. Reduce fuel expenses from inefficient service order routing and dispatching
  13. Reduce time invested in invoice disputes - show time/date stamp & GPS location of work
  14. Reduce staff workload and staff expense - re-typing and communicating with field
  15. Speed up customer invoicing, and collect cash faster
  16. Save data directly to a central database (that is backed-up) for safe keeping
  17. Save data directly to a central database for immediate visibility by management
  18. Route optimization saves fuel, improves productivity and saves time.
  19. Take before and after digital photos of work to prove time, location and work
  20. Improve customer service with faster more efficient work dispatch
  21. Improve customer service by checking inventory levels remotely
  22. Improve customer service by checking shipping status remotely
  23. Improve dispatch and productivity with real time work order status updates

As this list identifies - there are a great many reasons to mobilize. In summary, improved efficiencies, improved customer service, improved productivity, improved cash flow, reduced errors and expenses. This equates to better business.