Sunday, April 16, 2006

More Mad Cow & More Work for MobileDataforce

I have documented the work MobileDataforce is doing to help manage animal tracking and animal health tracking using our mobile software solutions and handheld computers in a previous blog article, and the need for this solution just keeps growing. In the linked article above, this Canadian cow was found to have Mad Cow this week and it was able to be tracked back to the 2 farms it had lived on. These farms are now going to review their records of the food this cow was fed to determine if there is a link. This effort shows planning and good record keeping. The recent case of Mad Cow in Alabama could not be tracked back beyond the cattle auction. It had no unique ID that could be associated with records detailing where it came from and what other cows and farms it was associated with.

We have 2 experienced dairy farmers on our staff, myself and Conrad Kennington. Both of us are now involved in developing mobility software, but grew up milking cows, feeding cows, and caring for cows. It is fun to be able to combine our farming knowledge, and our technology knowledge to improve the way the industry works.