Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MobileDataforce's Vehicle Tracking Systems

We are in the final testing stages of a large vehicle tracking project. I wrote about it in an earlier blog article. One of the very cool features is the ability to view the GPS logs of specific vehicles. These GPS data logs, can be set to capture and store the GPS coordinates at specific time intervals. For example, every 30 seconds the vehicle's GPS system can capture the coordinates, give these to the handheld computer, mounted in the van, which synchronizes this data to a Canadian database over GPRS (mobile phone connections). A person can then open these GPS data logs and see on a map (pictured above) the exact path of the vehilce and progress over time.

This functionality allows a dispatch manager to view the location, on a map, of all of their fleet vehicles at any given time. My team is having a lot of fun building applications that enable simple Windows Mobile handheld PDAs to provide huge business value to our customers.

We developed this system using MobileDataforce's PointSync software platform for handheld computers.