Monday, April 03, 2006

Idaho Board of Pharmacy, Inspections & Handheld PDAs

We, at MobileDataforce, are announcing this week that the Idaho Board of Pharmacy (BOP) has selected our PointSync platform to mobilize and automate 5 different inspections processes including; Pharmacy Inspection Report, Inspection for Institutional Facility, Inspection for Manufacturers & Wholesalers, Non-Pharmacy Drug Outlet Survey, and Inspection for Parenteral Admixture Pharmacy.

The BOP will be using off-the-shelf consumer grade Dell Axim Pocket PCs, HP 460 mobile printers that are bluetooth enabled, and MobileDataforce's PointSync Suite for their mobile software application.

They will wirelessly synchronize data betweent the handheld PDAs and their internal database system. Some of the inspectors will cradle sync when they return to their offices, but others will synchronize via WiFi from field offices using VPNs.

The cost savings are very well defined. Here are some areas where they expect to save time and money:
  1. Pre-inspection data look-ups (the handheld PDAs will have all data on them)
  2. Data on the PDAs will save 4-5 phone calls per day per field inspector to the office, and save the office staff needing to respond to the field inspectors.
  3. Paper inspection forms will be replaced with intelligent electronic inspection forms on their PDAs that ensure completion, validity and proper processes are followed.
  4. Instead of filing the paper forms there will be wireless synchronization of data directly from the PDA to the BOP's database system.
  5. All data can be analyzed immediately via database reporting software (currently the data is trapped on paper in a file cabinet)

The BOP is anticipating saving a minium of 10-12 hours per day, plus greatly improving the quality of their work.