Sunday, April 16, 2006

GIS & MobileDataforce's PointSync

My engineering team has just completed an integration between our PointSync Suite (development tool kit for mobile solutions) and DeLorme's XMap (a GIS solution). This integrated solution combines the power of PointSync to customize work order solutions, inspections forms, vehicle tracking and fleet management applications with the power of DeLorme's mapping and GIS software. A press release will describe this in more detail later this week.

Here is how it works - You can open a service or work order on a handheld computer, PDA or Tablet PC (the picture above is from one of our Tablet PC applications), then click a map button in the application to see a view of the location of all work orders, those completed, pending and incomplete. You can also open the map, and click on a flag that designates a work order location and it will launch the PDA based work order details.

This same solution can be used with inspections. If you must conduct 3 inspections today, the inspection form can have a button which launches the mapping software, and the mapping software can launch the specific inspection forms that need to be used at each jobsite.

These are just a few of the applications we will be launching using this combination.