Friday, April 07, 2006

Cattle Tracking Solution & Handheld RFID Readers

The following link is the public announcement of a series of very cool mobile applications for tracking the lifecycle of cows. The purpose is to know exactly where a calf was born, and all significant movements during its life. This solution provides a way to know of any other animal that may have shared location with a diseased animal through a trace back query on an animal tracking database.

This system involves Psion Teklogix handheld computers, MobileDataforce's PointSync software, and a proprietary database designed and hosted by Micro Beef.

Micro Beef Technologies Ltd. Selects MobileDataforce(R) to Add Mobile Cattle Tracking Solution

Boise, Idaho--April 4, 2006 – MobileDataforce® Inc. (, the leading provider of Rapid Application Development Solutions for Mobile Environments (RADS-ME)™, is pleased to announce that Micro Beef Technologies, Ltd., the global leader in the innovation, development, and implementation of real-time computerized livestock management systems, has selected MobileDataforce’s PointSync® software to add proprietary mobile capabilities to their ACCU-TRAC® Systems Suite.

The ACCU-TRAC® portfolio of systems by Micro Beef Technologies provides beef producers alternatives matched to their specific operations and management practices. These producer-driven alternatives include every conceivable method of identifying and managing animals including paper-based systems, web-based systems, laptop solutions, permanent chute-side configurations that can be customized by location, and now mobile handheld computer solutions using RFID technologies and synchronization with a central high-performance, multi-species database. The database, launched in June, 2005 by Micro Beef Technologies, is a mission-critical, private, centralized American database designed to safeguard the health of the U.S. national herd, protect America’s producer interests, and meet the 48-hour traceback requirements of state and federal health officials in the currently voluntary National Animal Identification System.

“MobileDataforce is excited to work with Micro Beef Technologies to enhance the traceability of animals,” said Kevin Benedict, CEO of MobileDataforce. “This solution highlights the power and flexibility of our mobile solutions to work in rugged outdoor environments.”

PointSync Suite is an enterprise-grade software system for rapid deployment of database centric mobility applications on handheld computers. MobileDataforce PointSync provides partners, enterprises and integrators the capability to rapidly develop and deploy mobility projects of all kinds.

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