Friday, February 17, 2006

MobileDataforce & Military PDA Devices

Several month's ago we got an order to support Microvision's Nomad Display System. This is one of the most unusual Win CE devices we have ever worked on. It uses a helmet, or headset display system with the Win CE device strapped to your belt. The intent of this device is to enable you to see the Win CE screen through an eye piece display that allows you to keep your hands free for other tasks.

One of the featured uses of these kind of displays is demonstrated in Microvision's advertising literature. It shows a soldier with an M16 rifle in his hands and a helmet mounted eye piece.

I think the concept is interesting, but there are also some challenges. It is quite easy to get dizzy, or to get eye strain when one eye is sighting down the rifle barrel and the other eye is viewing a moving GPS map. It kind of makes you feel like a Budweiser lizard.

None-the-less, our PointSync software now supports these headsets. You can query all kinds of database information, diagrams, maps, etc while pretending to listen to your girlfriend or spouse across the table.